Boarding Kennels

All dogs welcome

At Birchwood Boarding Kennels of Alfreton we welcome all dogs regardless of type, size and temperament and treat them all with the same love and care any owner could wish for.

Comfortable accommodation

The kennel block benefits from full central heating and has recently been completely refurbished.

Caring and capable staff

All Birchwood’s staff members are experienced in ensuring the health, happiness and well-being of your dog(s).

We walk all our dog “guests” twice a day, an activity enjoyed by dogs and staff alike.

Dogs are routinely groomed with special attention given to long-haired breeds.

Family Dog Boarding

It is natural for family dogs to be together, this is why we offer the facility of family boarding units, so your dogs can be housed together for the duration of their stay.

A varied menu

We stock a wide range of complete, tinned, fresh and frozen meals to suit the fussiest of eaters.

We cater for diabetic dogs too, but please bring any special veterinary diet foods with you when you board with us.

Dog boarding available 365 days a year

Whether you need long, short or even a single days boarding, we are here to care for your dog(s) all year round.

Your dogs’ health is top priority

Our staff are fully trained and experienced in administering medication. Sarah is also fully trained in giving injections to your dogs (I.E diabetics).

In the unlikely event that your pet(s) become ill, we ensure they receive swift veterinary treatment.

We hold full pet insurance that will cover things like any minor injury sustained at Birchwood Kennels.

Safe and secure

We live on-site adjacent to the kennels and all kennels are monitored by continuous CCTV, as is the whole property.

There is a secure perimeter and access is by electrically operated driveway gates.